Friends Of Just Zilch

Become a friend of Just Zilch from just $10 a month!

Friends of Just Zilch
Bette supports Just Zilch through an annual contribution and also by donating vegetables grown in her garden

"My hope for Just Zilch is that it won’t exist for very long – and not because it isn’t managed well or because it has run out of money, but because it isn’t needed," says Bette.

"I think it’s really important to help families who don’t have enough food or don’t have enough money to buy food. But – and this is a big but – I think we should all be horrified that in a country like New Zealand there is the need for an organisation like Just Zilch. That there are so many children in this country in poverty should be the number one topic of public discussion and should be the news headline every day. We should all be working to alleviate that problem. In the meantime, we support Just Zilch to help fill the gaps."

Be like Bette...

Become a friend of Just Zilch for just $10 a month!

Help us to cover our costs, we have three star part-time employees who keep Just Zilch ticking over. Alongside that we’ve got the usual expenses of any business in the food trade, rent, rates, electricity and cleaning products.

We Need Your Help!

For $10 month or $120 a year you can become a Friend of Just Zilch – helping us to help others.

We’d really appreciate it if you could create an automatic payment direct to our bank account: 01-0745-0314717-29

Please set up your payment with:

  • Particulars: Initials and surname
  • Code: FoJZ
  • Reference: Street name

Use the form below and enter your details and remember to tick the button if you want to receive a receipt for tax purposes – Thank you!

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