Just Zilch rescues surplus food and redistributes it to those in need.

We want to live in a community that won’t let anyone go hungry and we want to reduce food waste.

The Great Winter CHEESE ROLL Up!

Each bag of Cheese Rolls will have 18 (1½ dozen) uncooked cheese rolls. All for only $10 a bag! We will be making the cheese rolls on August 26th and 27th. The person who takes your order will deliver them to you or arrange pick up after this date.

Cheese Rolls can be frozen. To cook, spread with melted butter or spray with oil and cook in a moderate oven or a sandwich press until golden.

Order yours today: Rebecca@justzilch.org.nz

All payments due by 24 Aug.

Orders collected on 27 Aug from 1pm-4pm. Or delivered by arrangement

~ Sione ~

Sione is the oldest in his family and helps with the younger ones. The food he gets at Just Zilch really helps, but he also finds the people encouraging and respectful

~ Jo ~

Jo came through some huge health challenges, during which Just Zilch filled an important need in their family. Now she’s picking up food and delivering it to others who can't make it to the store.

~ Hayden ~

I'm treated with respect at Just Zilch… and the people are happy and encouraging. Hayden says the social connection he has with people (both customers and volunteers) is as important as getting food. And that the generosity shown here made him feel like being more generous to others.

~ Emma & Reuban ~

"As a share-milker with the dairying downturn Just Zilch helps with the staples that help keep our family going"

~ Carole ~

"We're retired and my husband is unwell. Just Zilch helps us get through the week."

~ Jeff ~

"95% of those who line up for Just Zilch are here because of need - and the foods alright, can't complain!"

~ Ngamo ~

"The staff are really cool - we all need to respect what they're doing for us."

~ Steph ~

"With Just Zilch's help, I can actually afford to feed my kids."

How it Works


Surplus food is rescued from various suppliers.


Food is collected by volunteers.


Shop shelves are stocked by volunteers.


Food is shared by volunteers to those in need.


We’re open 1.30-2.30 and 4.30-6pm each week day.

No ID is required. We do not means test or have criteria. We ask that you take just what you need for the day and be mindful that others are also coming to get food.

Sometimes we’re given more food than we’re able to handle. When this happens, we contact community organisations to ask if they need food. Learn more…