James Allen

James Allen

James Allen has lived in Palmerston North for most of his life.

In 2008, he attended Massey University where he completed a BBS- Advertising and Management.

His background is in management with over 8 years’ experience. He currently operates a local business in Palmerston North.

He is currently studying a Bachelor in Counseling and he volunteers on a few local governance boards, where he finds the challenges, experience and learning very rewarding.

His is interested in the many ways NGO’s innovate to provide caring solutions for their communities.

He enjoys serving on the Just Zilch board because he believes in the social conscience and sustainable ethic it models for the community. Just Zilch offers a unique alternative to food wastage and is a pioneer of the free food store movement.

He regularly attends his local church and is involved in Palmerston North’s local community meal outreach.

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